The Fundación Esperanza Pertusa convenes the Second Edition of the “Fundación Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Competition”. The goal is to reward and disseminate the work of professional or amateur photographers inspiring positive social transformation by addressing the poverty and social exclusion experienced by millions of human beings across the world.

Knowing the reality of the situation is the first step to raising awareness and performing actions, however small, which may lead to transformation. This photography competition is intended to reward and incentivise those who familiarise us with that reality through their work, capturing the viewer with the power of the gaze, encouraging us to learn more about the subject, and ultimately inviting us to be part of the force for social transformation.

But this prize is also intended to recognise the capacity of photography to reveal the beauty of human beings, whatever their circumstances.

Poverty and beauty: an apparent contradiction in terms which only the power of art can wholly express.

Esperanza Navarro-Pertusa

Patron of the Fundación EP

Winner Project in the First Edition of the Esperanza Pertusa Photography Competition

«Las Habitantes»

Photographer: Ana Palacios