Después de la Lluvia 

Maína Marinho Dinzi

«After the Rain» is part of a photo-journalistic session of visits to families impacted by rain in the city of Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil, in April 2022.

On that occasion, the mayor visited the houses on the poorest streets to understand what they had lost and to learn about the conditions in which so many people lived after the company that takes care of the Joanes River dam opened its floodgates because of the rain. Although the flooding of their homes is not new for these people, little is being done in Brazilian reality to change the situation.

In recent years, the Federal Government has ignored the vulnerable situation of the population; and public policies aimed at benefiting wealthy entrepreneurs and favoring the destruction of the original peoples and the environment.

Climate change impacts everyone, but the damage begins and is always worse for the most vulnerable.